Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Guest lecture On Aids And Hygiene Program
Conducted by Our BS teachers 

AIDS Awareness Programs And Their Importance

There are many people who throw caution to the winds and end up being affected with HIV/AIDS. This disease is transmitted from an infected person to others during unprotected sex, use of infected needles and from a mother to her newborn child. These facts are sometimes not known to all individuals and this is the reason why many innocent people are unknowingly affected with this disease.
This knowledge given to the masses will prevent social stigma from becoming rampant and will allow those affected with the disease to live a normal life. When you are choosing to enlighten people about this disease you don't have to be a relative or friend of a victim who has been affected with this disease. AIDS is a disease that doesn't choose its victims. It affects each and every individual that comes its way. Victims include babies, teen and old people. Their race, sex and age doesn't count when they are affected with the disease. Sometime people are infected even if it was no fault of theirs; this is in cases of newborn babies.  .

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